Brathay VISIT 2, day 1 Summary October ’21

Delighted with our work on the previous visit in August, Nick & Kev welcomed some 17 of us for a second weekend in Brathay to tackle more repair & rebuild work on a murky, initially dry, day; later, tree cover gave us a measure of shelter from the drizzly rain. Brilliantly marshalled by George Edington, we were to emphasise quality of work, in view of the smaller number and size of sections to be tackled. In practice, 4 sections of wall were worked on,  and either completed, or left for the smaller party to attend to on Day 2.

As previously, we had the luxuries of  a gazebo with seats and beverages at break times  and a first class, multiple choice lunch in the palatial comfort  of the dining room -Oh that it  were always so! A  satisfying, productive day, the more so in working for an organisation that is always short of funds for its hugely worthwhile work with disadvantaged children.

Much better weather on Day 2, although the midges were about.  A smaller group denuded by the dreaded viruses, but the walls started on Saturday were completed and a new section repaired and made safe after stripping off large quantities of Ivy.  Another fine lunch and copious quantities of coffee provided by our excellent hosts.  Patrick enjoyed a great craic with Kev reminiscing about people he’d not seen for 30 odd years when he worked in London.

It was pleasing to welcome numbers of newly trained beginners, who worked diligently  among the ranks of old stagers. It would have brought joy & approval  from  Christopher B.  to see this last Meet of 2021.


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