The March Wallathon at Crooklands rustled up around 34 members over the three days. Many members did
apologise for not attending practice meetings for the usual reasons (family, holidays etc) but it is sometimes a bit embarrassing
when numbers are this low. Please do your best to support the meetings!
> We have had many thank you emails however: Rueben Neville from LWT thanked us for “some great progress”.
> The Wallathon wall, at Crooklands is now completed, all 83 meters of it. The Preston Patrick community are delighted with it
and the official opening is imminent. It must rank as one of the muddiest sites we have ever worked on and we were
particularly impressed with the participants of the Beginners’ Course who joined us on the second weekend and literally got
stuck in!
This from Glenn Smithers: “On behalf of the community I would like to thank you both for the outstanding achievement and
fantastic legacy for future generations providing safe access for all on this treacherous stretch of road. And from us personally
as we can now walk back from the pub on a summer’s evening without fearing for our lives.”
And from Parish Clerk, Ann Park: “ …it looks great, I cannot thank you enough on behalf of the community; it has made the
walk through the parish a lot safer. Please thank all your colleagues who have been involved.”

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