KNOTT HALL (3) June 16/7 2018

Knott Hall Farm : Members’ Meet 16 & 17  June 2017

Phase 3 of the work at the Holmes’s Knott Hall farm saw Cumbria Branch members again  tackling the boundary wall,  in the glorious Lune gorge.  Mixed weather, including a period of rain on the Saturday, gave us little of the sun, but Sunday was largely dry. 14  or so members on Saturday, & 16 on Sunday, completed the high, downsloping  wall with 20 metres of quality work each day. 7 members stayed overnight in a variety of shelter, from a tent, campervan, carsleeping, and a small party in the palatial surroundings of Desmond Mansions

John Holmes’s family have continued  the renovation of the  farmhouse, and once more  his digger/excavator was invaluable in preparing  the footings,  moving  stone around the site to where it was needed, and crowning (literally) the team’s work by lifting the large copestones into place. Nathan and grandson Toby were ever-present supporters on the stone-transporting front.

The wallers were fortified throughout the weekend by magnificent refreshments from Heidi and Heather, providing the usual endless supplies of  pies, pasties and home-made cakes.

Our thanks go to George who ‘walked the wall’ over the weekend,  and kept us aware of  lines, running joints, and safety aspects.

Only one errant boulder managed to slip from our grasps and head down towards the M6, but its career ended well short of the bottom fence.

A real joy to work in such surroundings and with this wonderful family.

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