DSWA CUMBRIA BRANCH                 NEWSBRIEF : March 2019 (1)          FROM THE SECRETARY

It’s March already!  Time to come out of hibernation and get walling again! 

Beginners’ Course

The weekend of 16-17 March was the first Beginners’ Course of 2019. The course was fully subscribed with 12 participants. As you know, income from these courses finances what we do as a branch and means we don’t have to ask for any separate subscriptions from you. We can always do with  assistants  if anyone with a fair deal of experience is available to help out.

LANTRA practice.

 On 13 April the DSWA Examiner Standardisation and Test Day is to be held at Lane Farm and Alison will no doubt need willing volunteers for that.  Please contact her directly if you’d like to participate ( : the good thing about it is that it is FREE and, should you fail, you are given another chance later in the year, also free! I know there are members looking to take the tests this year – you know who you are *.

Ray Babb’s funeral

Six members attended Ray’s funeral  at Broughton. We learned that walling was only a part of his varied life and it was good to see a church filled with friends and associates.  Several members had sent their apologies which were passed on. What is sad is that we often only hear the full details of someone’s life and activities at their funeral: maybe we should allow each of our members a 15 minute allocation at Branch Meetings to outline what they have done up to now?  A full appreciation of Ray will appear in the next NEWSBRIEF

First Branch Meeting

The first meeting of the yea was on Monday 11 March (see Minutes later)

Up Hill Walling Practice 

I am hoping to set up an ad hoc practice day on our Troutbeck Stud Farm site (where we hold our Sunday Beginners’ Courses) for all of you anxious to get some practice in building up hill. And it’s quite a steep slope!  This does not necessarily have to be at a weekend of course and I’d like some idea of how many might be interested in such a day, or maybe days! Please let me know and whether you could make a weekday. ( There’s space for about 10 members a day, so, first come, first served.

Schedule of Events

The 2019 Schedule of Events brochure is now printed and has been posted to all members.

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