1. The Penrith Show walling competition was a great success this year and our thanks are due, as ever, to George Allonby and his team for the organisation. 18 wallers were registered, but three failed to turn up and so four of the stewards were asked to fill in the gaps after lunch!
The results were as follows:

The Class winners were: (Cumbria members in bold)


1st Simon Morphet

2nd Lydia Noble

3rd James Kidd, who also won best foundations and best tops

4th Peter Gibson


1st. Matt Roberts, and best foundations

2nd Tasha Byrne, and best tops

3rd Peter McNaught


John Milburn


1st Bob Bond

2nd. George Allonby

3rd William Tones

Steven Allen had the unenviable task of judging the competition! We were very lucky to obtain substantial sponsorship this year which meant generous cash prizes could be awarded. Our sponsors have been thanked, of course.

  Class winners: Our very own Mat, John and Bob, with Simon Morphet
  and Gregg Clifford-Perkins from sponsor Armstrong Watson
And should you ever require stone, consider contacting two of the sponsors of the competition: Cumbrian Stone Ltd ( and Cumbria Quarrying ServIces Ltd. ( and mention Penrith.
2. New members
We welcome Geoff Knott (Richmond) and John Milburn (Eamont Bridge, Penrith) as Open Members. John in fact has joined as a result of being persuaded by George A into taking part in the Penrith competition; he enjoyed the company and craic so much, he wanted more!
3. Branch meeting
The minutes of the recent branch meeting are in the members only section
As you will see in them, the meeting was proceeding smoothly and fairly uneventfully when Tony Breakell enlivened the proceedings by announcing that he wouldn’t be seeking re-election as Venue Finder at this November’s AGM.
> Venue Finder post
Tony explained that he would have completed 5 years as Venue Finder by the time of the AGM.  It had been a fascinating and rewarding experience and he didn’t want to deny other branch members the opportunity of finding venues and arranging the walling meets!  Tony felt now was the time to let someone else bring fresh ideas to the job. He was giving notice now so that those interested in taking on the role would have time to think it over and discuss any aspect of the job with him.  A summary job description is available – contact Tony if there’s any part of of it you’d like more information on. (
The Venue Finder job has 2 main elements : first, finding the venues and, secondly, contacting branch ahead of each walling meet with details of the event
Tony advised us that it would be perfectly feasible to split the job between 2 people if this was desired. One could concentrate on venue finding and the other look after emailing the event information.  This would create Cumbria branch’s first job-share post! Tony adds that he’s found no difficulty looking after both elements of the job. It is also important to note the Venue Finder isn’t left to do the whole job single handed.  This year more than half our venues have been identified by other branch members, thus making the Venue Finder’s job much easier.
And, in fact, half next year’s venues are already sorted.
Please DON’T just read this and assume someone else will take on the job.  Members’ walling meets are a key element of our annual programme and won’t organise themselves!  Our walling meets have restored walls all over Cumbria and generated much enjoyable chat and banter both on the wall and at post walling dinners etc.  Venue Finder is an important and rewarding role – and now you have the opportunity to take it on!
And don’t think that because you are a relatively new member you can’t stand for such a post; the branch needs its volunteers to run and survive. If you are tempted to seek a post, call me or any of the committee and put your name forward, No one post takes over your life – except the secretary, of course! Any offers there? No thought not! PLEASE THINK CAREFULLY AND VOLUNTEER!!!
4. August members’ practice meetings
Bolton, Appleby 10-11 August.
And we are returning toThe Hoad, Ulverston on 31 Aug – ! Sept. Full details will follow, as usual.
5. Westmorland Show 12 September
Now that we have the additional stone on the show ground, we have asked the Show Organiser to allow us to change the layout of the site now we have the additional stone and it has been agreed in principle. I have sent detailed plans and expect hear shortly. Assuming that we get the go-ahead, John Holmes has agreed to move the stone around the site and I am looking for some volunteers to come to the show ground probably in the week before the event to help him and to start building the new walls, so that there is something for the show visitors to look at from the outset.
Please email me as soon as you can if you are able to help in the preparation and/or the show itself. I will have my iPad with me!
6. First Aid courses
Any one interested in taking a first aid course, and it’s always desirable to have some expertise at the top of a fell, please contact Joe Bowman in the first instance. ( .

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