NEWS FROM THE WALLS There has been a good deal of activity in the branch since the last NEWSBRIEF in August.

Two Members’ Practice Weekends at Bolton, Appleby and The Hoad at Ulverston were in the programme of events; the first was abandoned because of the forecast weather. The Hoad Saturday was not blessed with the best of weatherseither, but a good turn out had the wall was all but finished – those attending the Sunday had both better weather and less to do, and enjoyed beer and cake at the end! The organisers were very pleased with the results and were very appreciative of Patrick’s Landrover crossing the field back and forth fetching cams and building stone!

There is a possibility of returning next year to another site in Ulverston with walls that are in need of our expertise. We will attempt to return to Appleby to finish the work there, next year.

The Westmorland Show was a complete wash out!

It rained pretty much all day, the ground got more and more sodden and muddy, but the 11 stalwarts kept going! There was a considerable visitor turnout despite the weather and the usual number of complimentary comments on the walling, enquiries about courses and the usual helpful comments from farmers, whose 8 year old grandsons would have made a better job of things!

Our thanks,

as ever, to John Holmes who came over with his 12 year old grandson, Toby, and moved our new stone around the site for us. And thanks to those who suffered the cold and wet to demonstrate our walling prowess once again! The large tent proved invaluable in keeping some of us dry some of the time. The mud on the car parking fields made getting away an exciting experience!

NEW MEMBERS We welcome Barry Sharples (Maryport), Eve Simpson (Newbiggin) and Mark Jackson (High Newton) to the branch. We hope to see them all soon – maybe at Knott Farm in a few weeks?

NEXT BRANCH MEETING Monday 7 October : the Planning Meeting will be held at Lane Farm at 7.00 for 7.30. Tea and coffee available. The meeting will set out the planned schedule of events for 2020 so if you have any projects in mind, come along and share them with us. All but two weekend venues are already ear-marked. Agendas and minutes to follow.

And whilst talking of venues, we are disappointed not to have been inundated with offers to take over from Tony as VENUE FINDER. Tony has done a sterling job for the past five years and now would like someone else to take over and bring fresh ideas to the role.

The branch only functions, like any organisation, on the goodwill and commitment of its members. We have always been lucky in having members willing to take on roles to ensure that the enjoyment we all get from our branch events continues. We need one such now to fill the Venue Finder post. Our Members’ walling meets are a key element of our annual programme and won’t organise themselves! We have restored walls for delighted people all over Cumbria and, at the same time, generated much enjoyable chat and banter both on the wall and at post walling dinners and so on. The Venue Finder is an important and rewarding role – and now you have the opportunity to take it on!

And even if you are a new member you can stand for the post; help will be given! The branch needs its volunteers to run and survive. PLEASE GIVE IT SERIOUS THOUGHT AND CONTACT ME OF YOU’D LIKE MORE DETAILS. (Tony is away on holiday now)

NEXT MEMBERS PRACTICE MEET Tony has already circulated details of the final meeting of the year – back at Knott Hall Farm near Tebay. We hope to complete the walls begun four years ago for John and Nathan Holmes as a thank you for their help in moving stone around the county and levelling the ground at venues. Please do let me or Tony knowif you are coming on 26 and/or 27 October if you have not already done so. This is so the most excellent lunches can be prepared for us!

BEGINNERS’ COURSES It is always good to report that this year’s Beginners’ courses have been fully subscribed they underpin our finances at the very least. However, we could do with a couple of extra assistants at the October course (12 – 13) Please contact me if you can spare a day to help.


It is also always good to report on a member’s LANTRA success. So – our congratulations go to Steven King who has (finally) gained his level 2 qualification and can now go on to get his Instructor’s badge! He left it until last Friday – the day of the rains from Hurricane Something which swamped the training ground and covered all his stone – to succeed and, no, it was not just because the examiners felt sorry for him and the other candidates!


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