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A return visit to The Green station walling project on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway

Back in April 2014, an enthusiastic team of  Cumbria Branch wallers trekked  across the Lake District to Eskdale and the Ravenglass & Eskdale narrow gauge railway.   Our challenge, over a long weekend, was to build a drystone wall along the back of the platform at The Green station.  Previously there had been a rather ugly concrete wall which the Railway wanted to replace (and who can blame them?) as part of a project to construct a picnic site adjacent to the station.   After a lot of hard work, interspersed with breaks to watch the passing trains, we completed our wall and retired to the nearby King George IV pub to celebrate.

At the time we were promised that a plaque would be installed to commemorate our work.  So, when we found ourselves back in Eskdale on holiday in April 2016, we decided to check this out.  We’re delighted to report that the plaque is in place and here’s the photo to prove it].

It’s not perhaps the largest plaque in the world but no matter.  Our wall is still standing (how could it do otherwise, given the skill that went into its construction?)

and it certainly enhances the appearance of the station, despite our reservations at the time about building a low wall with some pretty hefty and angular stone.  The picnic area has also been completed and the whole site looks pleasant and attractive – very different from when we first arrived there.

Tony & Mary Breakell

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