Uphill Wall Course, Troutbeck Bridge April ’19

On  this   pleasant Sunday, 9 eager wallers ( & 1 small spaniel) assembled to teach/learn the mysteries of building walls on sloping terrain. The woodland wall, belonging to the Troutbeck Bridge  Stud farm, was in danger of sliding not so gracefully into a useless heap; and stripping out before rebuilding was a delicate business, ably supervised by Chris B.  & Mark. The simple rules, of essentially placing stones truly level , as opposed to parallel to the rising ground, until cam height, led us into  to a maze of strings and several demonstrations of optical delusions, and false judgements .- the need to rely on strings and spirit levels was appreciated by all.

It might only have been 18 metres, but felt like double that in the slippery mud alongside the wall! As the gallery  photos demonstrate, however, a pleasing, workmanlike structure emerged, enabling an  early finish. Many thanks to one and all.

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