Westmorland County Show 14 Sept 2017

A Golden Day dawned for the select band** of Cumbria wallers dedicated to displaying our skills and products to an astounded world. Much hard work by volunteer members had already been expended in previous days to prepare our small site – and so an early start on “The Feature” was enabled well before 9 am..

This year’s centrepiece was again a wall with a swirl/twist; but built with a curve on one end, finishing in a cheek-end directly facing the public†. This was left partly unconstructed, to allow the admiring crowds to see how it was built – an effective suggestion put forward, the Web editor understands, by our beloved Secretary.

Interestingly, 3 members of the public asked to be photographed at the wall, as though assisting. We welcomed this publicity with the suggestion of a small donation. [Mr Edington’s price was felt to be slightly ambitious on this occasion.]

Alison, Ann-Marie, George A. George E., Graham, Harry, Charles, Stewart; Guest appearances John H. Alan H; [NOT HRH, though]

[As well as the splendid weather, a second feature of the environment was noticed by all; the sweet, but positively eerie, and unaccountable, silence pervading the Stand…….]

** Alas, Chris, our Secretary and Co-ordinator, had succumbed to an unidentified affliction on the previous day and was sadly missing……..

† See website gallery for photographs.

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